About Us

Saanen Goats

We raise show quality Saanen goats. Our girls win in the show ring, are super sweet and fill the bucket with milk. They are all registered with ADGA and we do LA every year and show as often as possible. We sell most of the babies every spring.

Goat Milk Soaps

I decided to start making soaps because of the amount of extra milk. After making the first few batches I was hooked and have been creating them for that past 4 years. 


Besides raising goats and making soap we also teach people about homesteading and offer classes and tours on a regular basis. Check our other pages for more info on that!

Bio on the goat milk soap maker!

Additional Information

My friend told me that most people like to get to know the person behind the products so I'm going to tell you my story behind becoming a goat milk soap maker, dairywoman. I was born daughter of Missionaries in Brazil and lived there for most of my life. I always dreamed of being a farmer and raising lots of animals, mostly horses. I never could have goats there because of the high humidity and it was too hard to keep them alive. I bought my first horse when I was 14 with money that I had earned and saved and never looked back. Horses have always been a major part of my life. I went to college to study horses, rode them avidly, dreamed of the olympics, drooled over pictures of my dream horse, the Andalusian. Fast forward life and I ended up in Texas with several certifications in Therapeutic Horseback Riding. I started teaching kiddos with special needs, as well as anyone who wanted to learn about horses and that was my career. Goats came along in my life when we purchased some acreage and needed something to qualify for ag exemption. I started out with dwarf goats but quickly discovered their great talent for escaping so I got my first Nubian doe. She was great and soon more of them joined her. Our first show we went to was the State Fair of Texas with a young doe I had purchased from a reputable breeder. We took 5th place out of 13 in the class and I was hooked. After about a year I decided that then Nubian goats were too stubborn and loud and I got my first Saanen and it's been love ever since. I currently milk anywhere from 9 to 15 this coming spring. My son enjoys helping me with them and we go to shows together.  We are trying to improve bloodlines and make our herd an even better on. On top of raising the goats, making the handmade soaps and lotions and running the farm, I also continue to teach riding lessons, both for able bodied people and special needs people.  And along with a friend we started teaching farming/homesteading classes for anyone who wants to learn.